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The Best Pricing
for Unlimited Calling

To access unlimited phone calling per month, you’ll need to pay a base price of $22 per month, plus an additional $1 for each phone number. For example, if you have two numbers, the total cost would be $24 per month.

Hard Phone System – Live Chat – Video Conferencing – Automatic Transfer to Cell Phones

What is QuikTekVOIP?

QuikTekVOIP is a cloud-based or on-premise PBX business communications solution redesigned for the remote workplace.

Users can manage inbound and outbound calls directly from their web browsers or via the QuikTekVOIP App for Windows, Linux, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. QuikTekVOIP is also compatible with Business Class Phone Service IP phones from providers like Yealink and Grandstream.

QuikTekVOIP also offers Facebook Messenger and SMS texting integrations, robust mobile applications, and compatibility with third-party tools like Microsoft Teams.

This flexible approach to unified communications may come with a complicated setup compared to other popular cloud-hosted PBX systems, but with features like VoIP phone calls, video conferencing, and live website chat, it’s well worth it.

Make the switch to QuikTekVOIP can save up to 80% of current telecommunications costs!

QuikTekVOIP Buinsess Class Phone Service Features

Call Management

QuikTekVOIP has handy call management features like call blasting, hunt groups, estimated wait times, automatic callbacks, priority queuing, and more. It also shines when it comes to customizable call routing. You can choose between:

  • Round robin routing
  • First-available routing
  • Shortest talk time routing
  • Long idle time routing
  • Skill-based routing

This makes it possible to optimize employee productivity without sacrificing customer satisfaction or increasing wait times. Real-time push notifications will alert users whenever a new voice message comes in, preventing forgotten follow-ups.

Business SMS

Deployment Options

QuikTekVOIP Business Class Phone Service Pricing and Plans

  • Auto-Attendant
  • Call Queues
  • Call Reporting
  • Call Recording
  • Skill-Based Routing
  • CRM Integrations
  • Office 365 Integration

Choosing The Right Business Class Phone Service Provider

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