Medical Office

Information technology and data security requirements of medical offices can be very different from other types of businesses.

Today’s doctor’s offices and dental offices need to comply with a host of data retention laws and industry compliance regulations when it comes to managing their devices, their medical equipment, and patient records. As a result, it’s critical to partner with a company that can provide specialized IT Services for Medical Offices.

QuikTek offers comprehensive IT Services for doctor’s offices and dental offices in Long Island, New York. We have the services and skilled personnel necessary to supplement your in-house IT staff or if preferred, we can even operate as your wholly outsourced IT partner.


Healthcare IT resources like electronic health records, cloud hosting, patient portal management, and security software are critical components in a physician’s ability to care for their patients. And with more and more regulations dictating what type of technology a practicing doctor needs to have, especially when it comes to protecting patient data from ever-growing cyberthreats, it can be a challenge for any size medical office to maintain a secure and compliant IT environment.

Partnering with QuikTek will provide you with IT Services that are designed specifically for your unique doctor’s office. Our services are fully customizable, so you can get the exact coverage you need to fit your IT budget. From 24/7 IT support and IT Security and Compliance Consulting to Disaster Recovery and Virtualization, we can help you get the services you need to improve efficiencies, generate more revenue, and provide better care to your patients.


If you operate a dental office and are looking to partner with a reputable provider of IT Services, QuikTek is here for you. By outsourcing your IT to QuikTek, you will enjoy the IT support and networking capabilities of a much larger company, but without paying the same extraordinary fees. At QuikTek, we are committed to making sure you get the most value out of your IT budget. We can provide your office with a strong technological foundation that exceeds all current healthcare compliance regulations.

To learn more about how our IT Services for Medical Offices, Doctor’s Offices, and Dental Offices can help your business, just contact QuikTek today. We look forward to providing your office with the reliable IT solutions it needs to deliver your patients with world class service.

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